How to fix a wooden door frame in masonry wall opening

We normally fix wooden door frame before plaster work. The door opening we keep in masonry wall during constructing wall as shown in the architectural drawing. After ending the curing period of masonry wall, we start fixing the door frame.


In this article, I’ll discuss the commonly used process of fixing wooden door frame in masonry wall opening.

how to fix wooden door frame in brick masonry wall

Wooden door frames are made by carpenter as predetermined size and provided to construction site to fix. These are normally fixed by mason. Before fixing frame we provide two coats of tar paint on unexposed sides of frame. Generally these coats of tar paint is applied by carpenter after making door frame. We just check that is applied or not before fixing. It’s carpenter’s responsiblity to make the frame completely ready to fix.

Things needed to fix wooden door frame:
MS Clamp
Screw or Nail
Plumb Bob
Water level
Spirit level
Marking pen/Chalk etc.

Fixing wooden door frame –

Fixing MS Clamp : We fix 3 numbers of clamp in a side of door frame. For both side of a door frame will need 6 numbers of clamp.

First we fix the clamps with wooden door frame by screw or nail. I would suggest to fix by screw. Because if you fix by nail that will be loosened after some time and your door frame will be coming out from wall. So, try to fix clamps with screw.

Making wall opening ready for fixing door frame: We keep wall opening during making masonry wall. Now we’ll fix wooden door frame in that opening. As we fix 3 MS clamps in one side of door frame so we have to break masonry wall in 3 places in one side of wall-opening to set the clamps. For both sides of wall opening we have to break 6 places.

Selection of door frame-width for different location: We normally use 11 inch width of door frame for main door of a flat and 6 inch width door frame for internal door of rooms.
But where tiles will be fixed in wall there we normally use 6.5 inch width of door frames.

Marking the level: The purpose of level marking is to keep the top level of all doors same. So we set a reference mark and take the level to all doors with the help of water-level pipe.

Aligning door frame with wall: The purpose of aligning door frame is, when you plaster on wall, plaster surface and door frame will be in same level.

If you’ll fix tiles in wall then tiles surface and door frame will be in same level.

Make the frame truly vertical with the help of plumb-bob.

Checking: Before permanently fixing the door with cement-concrete, finally check the alignment and top-level of door frame.

Fill with cement-concrete: If everything is ok fill the gap all around door frame with cement concrete to bond with masonry wall.

Curing: Cure the concreting portion for minimum 7 days.

Fixing door frame with masonry wall is easy. But what should be done when we have to fix the wooden door frame with RCC column as it isn’t suggested to break the column?


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